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Health And Air Quality

by Daniel Brouse Q: What causes the most illness in the United States? A: Bad air quality The leading causes of bad air quality are Particulate Matter, Ground Level Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects an estimated 16.4 million adults and 7.0 million children in […]

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Vegetarians Are Less Healthy

A new study had concluded that vegetarians are less healthy than omnivores: Nutrition and Health – The Association between Eating Behavior and Various Health Parameters: A Matched Sample Study Nathalie T. Burkert*, Johanna Muckenhuber, Franziska Großschadl, Eva Rasky, Wolfgang Freidl Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University Graz, Graz, Austria Abstract Population-based studies have […]

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Foraging For Food in the Winter

Winter foraging can be one of the toughest challenges; however, if you do a little preparation in the fall, the buried treasures will yield healthy results. Find out more from the Guide To Edible Plants’ Foraging for Food in the Winter. Chives, Garlic Greens, Mint, Carrot Greens, Parsley Winter-Food-Foraging-Mint-Parsley-Garlic-West-Chester-Pennsylvania.mp4 scavenging-for-scallions-foraging-for-food.mp4

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Music Is Food for the Brain

New studies have shown that listening to music, or better yet playing a musical instrument, helps keep the brain from aging. The Alzheimer’s association suggests doing both activities. The latest study shows playing an instrument can add 5 years to anti-aging of the brain. Wikipedia says: Instruments are often implemented in Music Therapy (MT) for […]

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The BRAIN Initiative

Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative What is the NIH BRAIN Initiative? The NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative is part of a new Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain. By accelerating the development and application of innovative technologies, researchers will be able to produce […]

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Top 10 Causes Of Death

A newly published study called “The Global Burden Of Disease” details the state of world health. Although the human lifespan is increasing, the amount of healthy years is not. The top ten causes of death are: World Deaths in millions % of deaths Ischaemic heart disease 7.25 12.8% Stroke and other cerebrovascular disease 6.15 10.8% […]

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Baby Formula

Equation for The Meaning Of Live Ironically, the Brouses coined the phrase “In God We Trust” for the United States Mint. What is the meaning of life? What makes man different from other animals? Baby Formula: Equation for the Meaning of Life .mp4 Video

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How to Mend a Broken Bone

Question: Can you give me broken bone advice? Usage. Check with your doctor first; however, in most instances certain motions and impacts actually help speed bone growth. Vitamin D. Most Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. A simple blood screening can reveal your level. Chances are large you should be taking a D supplement. Vitamin […]

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Enough Space To Feel Sick

WASHINGTON, DC — Recent research aboard the space shuttle is giving scientists a better understanding of how infectious disease occurs in space and could someday improve astronaut health and provide novel treatments for people on Earth. “With our space-based research efforts, including the International Space Station, we are not only continuing our human presence in […]

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