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  • RSS Singer / Songwriter

    • Pass Through Glass
      LYRICS Touching you through glass The feeling just won’t pass Does it matter… In case of emergency, Shatter! Alas, Touching you through glass The Mad Hatter Obstructing with chatter It’s clear I will get through to you Inevitable that I do The energy from my mass Shattering glass You see… It’s an emergency In case […]
    • Roiling
      LYRICS The kettle’s whistling… must be a sign Time to act before you’re out of time Hurry, Son, remove it from the heat Before all the steam you deplete Turn down the heat Too much conceit Sentiments roiling Society’s boiling Can’t wait waiter There’s a fly in my soup See ya later Tired of being […]
    • Gneiss
      LYRICS Not surprising Temperatures rising Under pressure For sure Gonna rock gneiss Gonna rock nice and hard Clear the schoolyard Original rock undergoes a metamorphism Sonic orgasm Sonic orgasmic On coarse for an extreme shearing force Chorus High-grade metamorphic process (Sick!) Playing with a gneiss band Rock throughout the land Ingenuous igneous Morphed into gneiss […]
    • Smile
      LYRICS When I see your face A smile… Fills the space When I see your face When I see your face A smile… Fills the space on my face All the while A smile When I see your face A smile Takes it’s place Smile.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Style: ExperiMental Music Chords: Dm D7sus4 Recording: […]
  • RSS The Membrane Domain

    • Violation Of The Constitution
      WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA — Civil rights violations and hate crimes have been occurring within the borough of West Chester, PA. An existing noise ordinance was used by corrupt cops and a few businesses (Penn’s Table, Malena’s, and Malcolm Johnstone of the West Chester Business Improvement District) to commit crimes of hate. After the civil rights […]
    • 20 Dead in Pygmy Caterpillar Tax Protests
      20 people are dead in the Congo after Pygmies and Bantu ethnic groups clashed over a new caterpillar collection tax. Caterpillars are a food staple of the hunter-gatherer people. A local official said the civil war was cause by a disagreement over the harvest of the insects. “The attacks since Sunday left four (Bantu) Lubas […]
    • Air Pollution Deaths
      A report from the World Bank found: Air pollution has emerged as the deadliest form of pollution and the fourth leading risk factor for premature deaths worldwide. Those deaths cost the global economy about US$225 billion in lost labor income in 2013, a new study finds, pointing toward the economic burden of air pollution. The […]
  • Attention Vocalists -- wild scallions make for a better voice and are great for treating scratchy or sore throats. Bonus = they are free. Learn more:

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    A sad day for the humanities in West Chester. Please vote for Dan Truitt on election day.

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  • RSS PhilaNet.com

    • West Chester Passes Unconstitutional Law
      Published on Oct 18, 2016 West Chester, PA — West Chester Borough is already involved in litigation over the constitutionality of their Noise Ordinance. Technically speaking it is illegal to play a guitar in West Chester under the noise ordinance. In fact, you can not play any instrument in West Chester. This is in direct […]
    • Dan Truitt Vs. Carolyn Comitta for PA State Representative
      by Daniel Brouse WEST CHESTER, PA — The office of State Representative is up for election in Chester County. State Representative Dan Truitt is running for re-election against West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta. The 156th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District is located in Chester County and includes the following areas: Birmingham Township East Goshen Township […]
  • RSS Natural Disasters

    • Sulfur Dioxide Spreads Over Iraq
      A fire at a sulfur mine and processing facility near Mosul has raised a noxious cloud of sulfur dioxide over much of northern Iraq.
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