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    • Spinal Taps
      LYRICS Got a shiver up my spine Now it happens all the time Found the reason Found the rhyme Spinal Taps.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Style: ExperiMental Music Chords: F# G A Rhythm: 104 BPM Recording: digital 1-track stereo Daniel Brouse — Vocals, Keyboards and Synthesizers Bill Kucera — Guitar From The Billy and Danny Rodeo […]
    • On the Verge of Christmas
      LYRICS Let the bells ring May the angels sing Please God anything Is Christmas near? Let the bells ring May the angels sing Please God something Is Christmas near? Is Christmas here? Please bring Christmas cheer Do wise men follow The Star If so wonder… wander how far Are shepherds awoken from sleep So that […]
    • Keep Dreaming
      LYRICS No matter how tough it might seem Don’t ever give up your dream It’s not karma that’s being mean Don’t ever give up your dream It’s the scene coming clean Cleanse the filth and obscene Relinquish to the sweet dream I’m aware… I don’t care for your nightmare Gleam of a sunbeam Sweet dream […]
    • Trim The Fat
      LYRICS There’s something big Going down aroun’ Here Another big Fat cat sittin’ down Upon me Making it really hard to see Gone is clear Fat cat doin’ the fat pig Fat pig so fat She don’t even know To say no-no Trim The Fat.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Style: ExperiMental Music Chords: Em / G […]
  • RSS The Membrane Domain

    • Carbon Offsetting and Reduction
      The United Nations has initiated the first “worldwide” pollution tax. The International Civil Aviation Organization’s global carbon offsetting system is aimed at slowing the growth of emissions from commercial flights. Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) The role of a global MBM scheme is to complement a broader basket of measures to […]
    • Trump to Trash the Environment
      by Daniel Brouse United States of America — The world watches in dismay as Donald Trump appoints Myron Ebell, a professional climate change denier, to head his EPA transition team. During his campaign, Trump said that climate change is a hoax. Slate magazine reports, “Trump had tweeted in 2012 that global warming “was created by […]
    • Gay Church Vs. Corruption
      WEST CHESTER, PA — A microcosm of what is going on globally can be found at the corner’s of Gay and Church Street in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It is the County Seat and has a university within the Borough — a collision of humanity and hypocrisy.  Musicians, and artists of a wide variety, often come […]
  • with Bill Kucera, Shawn Touhill, Pete Kranz and Marylou Melissa ...

    with @[100000034689784:2048:Bill Kucera], @[100000936744115:2048:Shawn Touhill], @[1481045513:2048:Pete Kranz] and @[100003693002423:2048:Marylou Melissa]

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  • RSS PhilaNet.com

    • Phoenixville Firebird Festival
      PHOENIXVILLE, PA — the 13th Annual Phoenixville Firebird Festival was held on December 3, 2016. The entire town joins in the celebration with over 20 bands playing throughout the business district. What musicians were not playing inside could be found on the streets and marching in the parade. A drum brigade, firebird dancers and a […]
    • Preston and Steve Campout for Hunger
      PHILADELPHIA — Every year the WMMR morning radio crew, Preston & Steve, hold a food drive to help feed hungry people in the Philadelphia area. They broadcast their show from inside a tent set-up at Xfinity Live next to the stadiums in South Philly. The many tons of non-perishable food items collected benefit Philabundance. Plenty […]
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