Climate Change Immigrants and Refugees

By Daniel Brouse

EARTH — As human induced climate change is realized, mammals have started showing patterns of migration. Some conditions are driving animals south due to the loss of their habitat (mostly animals living on ice, such as, seals and polar bears.) Some conditions are allowing animals to migrate further north (like humpback whales.) Some conditions are forcing animals to seek higher ground, as well as, escape salt water intrusion. (eg humans that live on islands)

* NOAA recently concluded that mammals are migrating due to global warming. “Humpback and fin whales are now able to go farther north in most winters, competing with beluga whales for resources,” a scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

* The government of the Marshall Islands has requested climate change refugee status from the United States for former Bikini island residents. “The people of Bikini came back to us and asked us to take this proposal to the US, to request the resettlement trust fund be used to settle people in the US not just the Marshall Islands,” said Tony de Brum, Foreign Minister of the Marshall Islands. “We have not seen the final text of the legislation but the request that went in was on the basis of Kili being uninhabitable because of climate change.”

* In Paris almost 200 countries have ratified a new agreement in an attempt to help mitigate climate change. Included in the deal is $100bn fund to help developing and island countries adapt to global warming.

* Long ago in the United States, FEMA started a forced plan of relocation for homes located in areas prone to flooding.

Chances are large that if you are a mammal you will become a climate change refugee.

More on the Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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