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The Fall of the Arctic King

Famous wildlife photographer, Sebastian Copeland, utilized a graphic picture to raise awareness of human induced climate change. “‘For the state of the ice in general, we’re headed into uncharted territory. There’s no doubt about it. The frozen remains of this young bear point to starvation. The faster retreat of the sea ice, a bear’s favoured […]

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Climate Change Immigrants and Refugees

By Daniel Brouse EARTH — As human induced climate change is realized, mammals have started showing patterns of migration. Some conditions are driving animals south due to the loss of their habitat (mostly animals living on ice, such as, seals and polar bears.) Some conditions are allowing animals to migrate further north (like humpback whales.) […]

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Collapse Of West Antarctica

The collapse of the ice sheet in West Antarctica have raised concern about the rising sea level. “This is really happening,” Thomas P. Wagner, who runs NASA’s programs on polar ice, said. “There’s nothing to stop it now. But you are still limited by the physics of how fast the ice can flow.” “Today we […]

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