Terror Threats in the USA

Today there are two groups of terrorists in the United States that rank far above any other groups:
1) Evangelical Christians
2) Anarchists

How do you identify members of these hate groups? Well, the Alt-right (radical and Evangelical Christians) are easy to spot. We keep that “basket of deplorables” in our Cabinet. [See Executive Branch U.S.A. 2017]

Anarchists Symbol

Anarchists Symbol

Q: How do you identify an anarchist?
A: Black masks, the anarchist symbol, flags, etc.
2) They like to set fires, rip things down, break windows, fences and other barriers.
3) You can not pay them; however, they will steal from you. They do not believe in ownership of property nor money. They have no boss.

“A black bloc is a tactical strategy used by anarchists, in which individuals wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items.” — Wikipedia

WARNING: Please do not falsely accuse thy neighbor. Anarchists love to hi-jack peaceful protests and turn them violent and ugly. Do not be fooled. The hi-jackers are NOT the same group as the peaceful protesters. They are not liberal students, paid leftist protesters, black lives matter, anti-war, anti-trump supporters or supporters of any kind.

WARNING II: Do not allow the Alt-right to hi-jack the anarchists or all hell will break loose. (Thank you, The Management)

Anarchists At The Inauguration of the President of the United States

Anarchists At Berkeley University

The Anarchists Vs. The Antichrist
The Alt-right Christians and Anarchists, have the same goal — Armageddon.

The radical Christians want to bring on the Armageddon so the Rapture will occur, and they will be “saved” (aka the cleansing of the Earth.)

The anarchists goal is “abolishing all coercive structures” resulting in the cleansing of the Earth. In order for the anarchists to achieve their goal they must take-out the Alt-right government.

Will these two families fight like South Philly Mob families or Chicago gangs?

See also: Radical Christian Terrorists and the Zombie Apocalypse

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